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Top 10 Latest Trends In Web Development In 2021

Top 10 Latest Trends In Web Development In 2021 - Essence Software

What latest web development trends do you need to consider in 2021? As you know, we live in a highly competitive market where digitization is important and web development in 2021 is seeing some important changes. Therefore, it would be best if you learned how to adapt to these changes. Furthermore, to run your digital business smoothly, you need to align your business goals using the latest web development trends,  to outrun your competitors.

Let’s go about the top 10 trends in web development in 2021  that can help you scale your business to tap more markets. 

1) Progressive Web App Development

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Progressive web apps serve as mobile applications but are websites. According to surveys, Progressive Web Applications showcase an increased conversation rate by 36% compared to other native apps. Thus, Progressive Web Apps are the latest web development trend.  Web development in 2021 calls for PWAs as it enables a mobile-app-like experience for users with any device.

Furthermore, PWAs show a positive interactive and responsive rate. A variety of vast platform websites such as Amazon, Twitter, etc., functions with a combination of native and web applications. This enhances their conversion rates, thereby decreasing bounce rates.  PWAs come with all mobile device accessibility as well as offline mode of service. This has strengthened the identities of global brands. With the Progressive Web app, you can also increase an online page loading speed. On the whole, mobile users are increasing day by day on account of accessibility and reliability. Thus, this trend in web development in 2021will continue to flourish.

2) Dark-Themed UI

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Mobile applications already show dark-themed UI as a trend. And now, websites are also shifting their accessibility towards it. Night or dark-themed user interface is a highly safe option for a user’s eyes, and thus it can be considered one of the latest web development trends.

Any website that features a dark-themed UI not only eliminates excessive eye strains but also enables an easy view of the light content. Moreover, dark-themed UI enhances the visibility rate, saves battery time, increases the number of black pixels, and reduces the energy consumed by a device. If a website developer wants to give the entire website a stylish touch with zero compromises on user experience, a dark-themed UI is ideal. Many huge-scale websites such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc., have already adopted this trend.

3) AI-Powered Chatbots 

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AI-powered Chatbots for communication will be in trend in 2021. Any web development in 2021 will for sure be focused on building AI-powered chatbots. Why? Chatbots offer website users, virtual assistants, subsequently improving customer experience. Chatbots provide web users with instant responses all round the clock. This factor can help online businesses to eliminate delayed responses and customer drop-out ratings. Bots collect raw data from users vis continuous engagements, and they offer these customers better solutions. In addition, bots use natural language programming to establish any interaction. Thus, it supports human-friendly reminders about your website.

4) Single Page Websites 

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Designing separate pages for different topics have become an old trend. Single-page websites fall in the latest web development trend. Building long, tough and extensive web structures are not encouraged. Why? Because today a greater number of people use the internet through mobile devices, and hence, single-page websites become easily navigable.

Moreover, Single- page websites tend to minimize the page load and make your website hang-free. Websites with single-page facilities decrease bounce rate. It is simple to design and work efficiently on both mobile and desktop devices.  Any individual looking for web development in 2021 can easily opt for a single-page website as it is cheap and easy to develop and host. With limited content and a simple layout, Single page websites assist businesses to reach a huge target audience.

5) Voice Search Optimization

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Voice Search in 2021 is rushing up, and hence it’s considered to be the latest web development trend. Surveys estimate that the approx search via voice assistance will lie around 8 billion by the year 2023. The use of voice search technology will greatly affect how a web developer serves the customers. Highly popular companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, etc., are using Voice eCommerce technology for introducing their new and innovative features. Thus, web developers need to focus on complete voice search optimization for their websites.

6) Website Security Features 

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Your latest website must be developed in such a way that it safeguards your data from breaching—web development in 2021 counts in high-level website security. With the increased number of hackers, the breaching of numerous websites has increased. Hence it is highly crucial to keep your online website protected. Moreover, a website with strong security alerts protects sensitive consumer information leakage. HTTPS protocol is a good approach for ensuring secure website communication. Also, updated versions of software regularly and effective password management solutions can help a website rank high.

7) Glassmorphism (#1 trend in web development)

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Glassmorphism was first brought into the limelight by Apple. Since Apple means superiority to a lot of people, Glassmorphism was soon adapted in web development too. It does look good though. What is it? As you can see in the picture, it presents a translucent effect to the website that even helps you display information in mirror form. If you compare the past design trends in web development to this one, we believe this one might last longer in comparison to the others. Despite being overused, it does look quite good on websites that have a lot of data to display. If you are looking for a trend that’s going to make waves in 2021 it’s this.

8) Neumorphism (#1 trend in web development)

Sounds like a weird thing, but if you know, you know! Neomorphism is not entirely new but it has made its way to some of the most reputed websites and mobile apps as well, which includes the likes of digital payment app CRED. It’s a type of design that showcases data, buttons in a 3D form. Custom CSS is needed to bring this effect in the UI but as you can see in the picture above, it does add a rather new look to a website. The 3D UI visualizes fields/boxes/buttons in an engraved form that’s nothing but ‘soft UI’ as explained by certain developers. If you’ve got a web application that’s related to payment processing or shopping, this can add a whole new feel to your platform.

9) Serverless Applications

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Web development in 2021 and its future depends on serverless technology. Any website with serverless technology avoids system overloading and data loss. Moreover, it leads to effective cost management service. The latest web development trend is concerned with serverless app design as it helps reduce website development and Maintainance support budgets. Moreover, this technology offers the app an extra dose of strength, flexibility, sustainability, and potential.

10) Blockchain Technology

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Blockchain Technology means cryptocurrencies. In the last three years, the cryptocurrency trading market showcased an exploration in investments. However, crypto functions based on blockchain technology and their popularity can’t be ignored in 2021. Hence, web development in 2021 will surely use web technologies that are ideal for protecting cryptocurrency ( Bitcoin) and blockchain operations from hackers.