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Guide to Market Personalization for SMS Marketing

Guide to Market Personalization for SMS Marketing

What is market personalization? 

Market personalization is also known as one-to-one marketing or individual marketing, which is a marketing strategy that caters to the individual person through personalized messages or targeted offerings. 

In today’s oversaturated marketing world, content and strategy needs to be targeted to a specific individual or audience in order to make their experience feel meaningful and personal. One well thought out, personalized message, can be more impactful than hundreds of messages.

Here is how you can start sending personalized and targeted text messages today:

Gain valuable data on your clients through smart targeting

You do not want to collect information without consent. That is the fastest way to lose credibility while breaking clear privacy laws. Instead, you want to capture data in order to collect data that you can center and smart target campaigns around. This is possible by simply asking a question on whatever you want to learn. Depending on their responses, it can lead them down different messaging paths while you learn about your client’s demographics and interests. Here is a list of things you should look out for: 

Luckily, Trumpia makes gaining information easy. Simply set up automated messages with your questions when subscribers opt-in for the first time. Or, create an online sign up page or form with those questions. 

Create meaningful messages and campaigns that are centered around the individual

This is where the creativity of marketing comes in. Based on the data collected, determine who you want to send personal messages to and why. Make sure you also include a call to action. These three items are the most important thing to look for when creating a powerful individualized message. Did someone abandon their online cart? Completed a recent purchase? Looking to gain feedback? Wondering what your customers and subscribers are interested in? These are all important questions and messages you can send that will change depending on the situation.

Finally, try to avoid messaging templates and auto replies. While these are excellent features that Trumpia offers, they are probably not the best to make a subscriber feel special. Take the time and invest into making these messages awesome. 

Measure results

Measure your results. Keep track of how many people are clicking any links you may send, are opening your messages, or even engaging with your brand. Trumpia gives a free measurement of most of these statistics that will signal to you if there needs to be any adjustments or changes.

Start planning personalized and targeted SMS marketing campaigns today! We are excited for you to not only gain measurable results, but also to focus your attention in areas that matter with Trumpia’s SMS software. 

Check out our in order to see how you can create more consistent or recurring text messages in order to free up your time and make your marketing campaigns more effective.