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9 Essentials of Your Organic Social Media Marketing

9 Essentials of Your Organic Social Media Marketing - The Prepared Performer

Nine Essentials for Your Organic Social Media Marketing

Truth talk… there’s no denying that organic reach on business pages has been drastically decreasing. And there have been major shakeups on other platforms, too! So, how do you stay ahead and on top of the crazy? With a specific Organic Social Media Marketing Strategy. 

Most people get lost or overwhelmed because they are missing key essentials. 

Social media marketing has become a must for companies looking to grow their business. In order to stay relevant and competitive in today’s social media-driven world, organic social media is an essential part of any company’s strategy.

But what exactly is organic social media?

And how can organic social media help you reach your goals?

This blog post will explore the nine essentials of organic social media marketing so that you can create a successful organic campaign!

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Essentials are Key! 

What I have noticed is that on some of my platforms, organic reach has gone down, whereas on other platforms, it has gone up. While we use tools to help us with this, and we love tools, tools are not the foundation. They come and they go; they ebb and they flow. This is why locking down the essentials underneath the tools are so key.  

The camera mount I am using is the . You can attach any camera on it. So I am using the C920 on it. It hangs my camera over my computer, so you can use your computer as a teleprompter. It’s an example of a really great tool to use once you have your essentials locked down. And our fun slides were made using .  

Today is going to be a sliver of our GLAM program. We have implementation calls, which is all about keeping our members accountable and making sure they are doing the work. I am going to give you actual assignments you today that I want you to take action on. If you don’t take action, you won’t see results! 

Essential #1: Know Your Ideal Client or Community Member

If you want to up your organic social media reach, you have to know who your ideal client or community member is. I know we talk about it all the time, and I also know that you probably don’t do the homework on it. 

So here’s this essential’s homework. Pick three actual human beings. Write down their names. Write down their personal attributes, things you know about them as humans. For example, my friend Stephanie. She loves golfing, she loves spending time with her family, she’s fun, she’s funky. During the pandemic, she did a video with a Flowbee. This is all why she’s an ideal client for us. Then write down their professional attributes. Stephanie is a badass businesswoman. She’s hit seven figures two years in a row since she joined our program. She follows the rules: she shows up and does her homework. I actually have this document for our team, and Stephanie really is one of the human beings written down in our document. You also want to write down their struggles and their goals and aspirations. Stephanie is an inspiration for setting work/life balance. 

These four questions (personal attribute, professional attributes, struggles, and goals/aspirations) are super easy and so key to understand so that when you write copy, you are writing to them. They feel like you are speaking to them. When you start videos, you are connecting with that human being. 

Essential #2: Know What Makes You a Unique Human

What makes you stand out? What do you want to be known for? Know what you stand for. More than ever, Customers and Clients care about the human behind the brand.

Newsflash – it’s hard to share who you are… if you don’t KNOW who you are!!  I’m not saying you need to have your life figured out… but know what makes you unique and what you want people to see when they come across or interact with organic content that’s branded as YOU.

Take some time and go through our Quesadilla of Awesome exercise! It will help you to identify your own special blend of YOU.

And then… take those things that are YOU and elevate them. Weave them into your brand!

This means you are weaving your own awesome self into everything that you do. Even if you have a product-based business… we want to know you.

How can you expect a social media manager to do this work without you knowing you? We have recently started working with a copywriter, and I loved the onboarding process because he asked me questions about me. How else could you create content in the voice of a human without actually knowing the human? If you are the one creating the content, you also need to know the human. 

Look at Sara Blakey and Steve Jobs.

Show up.

When you elevate your awesome, and you elevate your message, that’s when you elevate your impact!

Essential #3: Nail Down Your Value Statement

What is a value statement? Our value statement formula is: “I help or support _____ [this type of person] to _____ [do this type of thing] so they can _____ without _____. We do this using our ______ [method or framework].” This statement can be used in all of your organic social media from Facebook to Clubhouse to LinkedIn… get it, set it, memorize it! As often as you can reference what transformation you provide for people and how you do it, this will be so helpful. 

Here’s my value statement. I say “We” instead of “I” because I look to empower our amazing team. “We at The Prepared Performer support experts and entrepreneurs to grow and monetize their visibility so they can turn their message into a revenue-generating movement without being overwhelmed by the craziness of tech and social media changes. We do this using our GLAM (Go Live and Monetize) framework and our Map to Millions, which allowed us to hit a reach of one million organically. Would you like to do this, too?” I have gotten into the habit of saying this over and over again when I introduce myself, and now it’s ingrained in my being. 

Essential #4: Know Your Media Business Objective and Set a Clear Goal

A lot of people fall into one of two problems when developing their organic social media strategy. They focus on the sales element too much instead of realizing that building relationships is what will actually get the sale in the first place. Or they forget about the actual sale and focus too much on the relationship-building and visibility-gaining piece. My friend Rachel had a post that went viral once, and she has a viral content formula now. A piece of her formula If you have your call to action all over every piece of content, there is a chance that people may not share it. The post that went viral for her was a picture about her wedding ring and a story about that ring. This post had nothing about her business on it, but this post got shared so many times that it got picked up by local news organizations and had a huge viral reach. Once you build those relationships through gaining that visibility, then you can come back and lead toward those people to your objective or goal. 

In order to build content to achieve that objective, you need to know what it is. You also need to let your team know what it is and make sure they are clear on it. We had a goal of helping 8,888 people to be able to turn their message into a revenue-generating movement. Underneath that huge goal, we have smaller micro-goals. We just hit 8,000, so that’s very exciting. Even though we have a team, there are so many people that it’s hard to follow up with everyone. As long as you have your clear objective and goal set, we can help you structure the content to lead to that goal.

In our GLAM program, we have a cool exercise called the GLAM Money Map Messaging, where you are setting your specific goal at every touchpoint of your business so that there is a clear client journey as people are moving through. 

Essential #5: Create and Optimize Your Profile on All Social Media Marketing Platforms

So many people are not thinking about this strategically! You can use your platforms as a calling card. It’s like a funnel. Facebook has indicated that they don’t want you to use your personal profile strictly for business. With all of these platforms, we don’t own these platforms, so don’t base your whole strategy on these platforms. You ultimately want to get these people off of the platform, capturing email addresses. But you do want to optimize these platforms to lead people down your client journey effectively. 

Let’s look at my personal Facebook page. I have optimized this profile to move people to the next step. At the very top, I’m like, “I’m a mom, and here are my kids.” My cover photo is a picture of my kids. For the profile picture, I typically suggest that you have a picture of your face rather than your business logo; mine is currently of me and my grandma because she recently passed away. Your bio is all about elevating your authority. My bio leads to our Camera Confidence program and my business page, among other links. These things show people why they can trust me. On my personal page, I use the 80/20 formula. 80% is about my personal life, and 20% is about my business. The goal here is all about moving people organically from my personal profile toward my business page. My pinned post on my personal profile, which you can now do, is about our free monthly content club. It’s a valuable thing to get people to learn more about what we do and move toward our business. Scroll down, and you can see family stuff, business stuff, my husband and I at a play, etc. I do include posts that strategically set up people who may be a good fit to work with us; this post even had 545 comments, which is not normal for us. That’s crazy. But I am listening to my ideal client. If they are confused and overwhelmed by something, then other people will be facing the same confusion. 

You want to optimize each of your personal pages on each of these platforms. The most important platforms are the platforms that your ideal client/community members are on. The process will be different for each one. 

Essential #6: Connect with Other Businesses and Brands in Your Niche

There are a million ways to do this. The easiest way to do it is to follow them. If you don’t know who to follow, go back to the human beings that you wrote as your ideal clients. Ask them, “When it comes to [your industry or niche], who else are you following? Who else do you love?” Go follow those people. Go follow the tools and brands they are following. Do this from all the platforms you’re on, both personal and business. Do that market research. 

Essential #7: Set a Daily Practice for Networking and Engaging with Niche Brands Online

I see so many people not doing this, and it’s so important. It’s the biggest missed opportunity, hands down. The first thing that we have you do when you sign up with us is fill out this Content to Clients document, which is all about diving into the solid foundations of your business. The next two things we tell you to do are your daily tasks. The first is you tap into your vision. What more do you want? The next thing we have you do is the Daily STAR Tasks. It is 100% the biggest needle-moving factor in your organic social: set a daily practice for networking and engaging with niche brands online.

What does this mean? All the pages you followed and the groups you joined through your ideal clients? Engage there. Engage with your ideal clients by checking out their friend lists. This is all a part of our Social Triangle framework, which was featured in Jay Abraham & Rich Schefren’s new book, Getting Everything You Can Out of All That is Hot Online. I am the only woman in the book, and I am chapter seven. This is more important than anything else. We have a framework as not to make this process overwhelming. 

Essential #8: Create a Strategic Organic Social Media Marketing Plan

Think about what organic social content would work best for your target market. Content should be relevant and valuable to them… not just you! You’re looking to create a connection, so make sure it’s something they’ll enjoy or find helpful.

 We have a framework called the SHAPE Framework.

It is about creating Star posts that celebrate you as the authority, give you a boost of awesomeness.

We also have Human connection posts to make sure you are not just posting things about how awesome you are, but rather, you do things that admit you had a freakout this morning because there were men in your office and you couldn’t start your video (like what happened to me today…!).

Then there are Action posts, which is where you show up and create one major piece of content that turns into little pieces of content. This video we are doing right now will become blog posts, quote cards, smaller videos, a podcast, and more. You want to do an Action post every week.

Then you do want to Promote things. Shocking, I know.

And the E is for Engagement. Your engagement actually is things you will be posting just to get engagement. A post I did about a new secret on how to work with friends’ lists was an engagement post; as it got 545 comments, it clearly worked. 

Some best practices that will help once you’ve created your content plan are listed out here:

Post Consistently on Your Social Media Platforms

Be Consistent and Engaged With Your Audience Engage with your organic followers in a meaningful way. If you can’t reply to organic feedback, at least comment or like their post!

Stay Organized For Successful Organic Social Media Marketing

Use A Timeline Calendar/Spreadsheet to Track Key Dates and Deadlines in Your Campaign.

Remember it’s about your POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS AND CLIENTS not about you.

They may want to see more and learn more about you and your authentic awesome self but in the end… it’s all about them. Think about how you can celebrate them and share user-generated content!

Promote Your Organic Content Using Related Hashtags

Hashtags are a great organic tool to use when creating content for social media. They can help you find those who will be interested in your organic posts, images or videos and give you the opportunity to reach new people and businesses!

Keep the Social Triangle in mind and Optimize Your Content for Engagement

If you’d like a deeper dive into best engagement practices… head here.

Essential #9: Review and Analyze the Data 

This is an organic process, so data can be slow to come. Keep your organic marketing going and don’t get discouraged if you aren’t seeing the results right away!  Track Your Progress With A Timeline Calendar/Spreadsheet or use one of our favorite tools for scheduling content and reviewing data, SmarterQueue. 

Remember, don’t just look at reach. Look at engagement and conversion indicators!

Organic content may be a slower process than other types of digital campaigns, but that doesn’t mean you should skip tracking your organic success. Track the metrics that are important to you and find what organic tactics work best for your business! 

Looking to uplevel your own Social Media Strategy?

Once you optimize your organic… you’ll also be able to improve your paid marketing campaigns.

Organic content can be the most effective type of social media for your business if you consistently post and engage with your followers following the strategies we’ve shared in this post. If organic social media sounds like something that would work well for your business but it’s just not happening yet, don’t give up! Give it time and track what works best so you know what to do next.

Ready for more strategic support? Head on over to to see how we can support you.

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