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7 Tips to Enhance your Digital Marketing Strategy in 2021

7 Tips to Enhance your Digital Marketing Strategy in 2021

This article is part of our content contributor series. 

The current global pandemic has changed the way businesses operate. 

These days, there are more products and services moving online and more employees working remotely than ever before. 

Marketing trends have changed, as well, and businesses that want to get ahead in this new normal need to keep up with the latest in search engine optimization (SEO). 

Read the rest of this article to discover 7 tips to enhance your digital marketing strategy so you can generate more traffic, attract new leads, and engage your customers.

1. Use Interactive Content to Boost Engagement

Interactive content is becoming popular these days, and we’re seeing more and more interactive elements on websites and social media. 

They are so effective because they provide value for users and help to keep them engaged with your brand (while allowing you to learn more about them). 

For instance, someone who offers a might include a free “Content Grader” on their website as a way to offer value to visitors and also learn more about them based on the data from the tool. 

This information can help the website refine its offer and better target its ideal customers.

Interactive marketing comes in all forms, including:

Heck, can be interactive content if the hosts utilize the platform to engage their audience.  All of these present easy ways to increase your visibility and reach in a quick and cost-effective way.  

As a bonus, try to use unique data in your content. The team at , for example, ran a survey with over a thousand responses about how game play and happiness changed during the pandemic by state. They turned the data into an infographic and were able to get media coverage.

As with any content you put on your site, if it’s on the main pages you may want to consider to help make the words more engaging.  This is a commonly overlooked skill that, when done correctly, can make a huge difference. 

2. Embrace Video Marketing

Studies show that by 2021, videos will account for over of internet traffic. 

With so many people choosing video over written text, video has become a driving force for marketers who want to enhance their strategy. 

There are many types of videos you can use, but two of the most popular trends you can currently use in your are live videos and branded videos. 

Video content is particularly effective because it helps marketers find new and interesting ways to . 

For instance, you can use live videos for a more interactive experience that allows viewers to be part of the conversation by leaving comments or calling in to ask questions during the last session. 

This is an excellent strategy for businesses that want to enhance audience engagement. 

You can also use other types of videos, such as:

… and more.

The great thing about these types of videos is that they don’t cost a lot to make. 

You can even shoot YouTube videos on your smartphone. There are many apps that allow you to create professional-looking videos without having to spend tons of money on expensive video editing tools.

There are also plenty of tools that help you make video intros, thumbnails, , and other graphics without needing any design skills. So getting started with video isn’t as tricky as you might think. 

3. Leverage the Power of Voice Search

Voice search is on the rise, and although it isn’t currently part of Google’s algorithm, it still dictates current search results. 

That’s why it’s crucial to ensure that your content is optimized to take advantage of this new trend. 

For the most part, voice search queries yield different results than those presented when users type in text-based searches. 

This means that it’s a great idea for businesses to optimize for both text and voice searches as a way to boost their SEO efforts and cater to their consumers, many of whom are switching over to voice search.

The best way to optimize your content for voice searches to make it more direct and conversational

This will make it easier to accurately sync the content with voice search queries. 

Also, make sure you include lots of long-tail keywords that are aligned with the way people speak. 

This will help you stay relevant, which ultimately boosts traffic and makes you more visible to your customers

4. Master Social Selling

Selling on social media is yet another effective way to enhance your digital marketing strategy in 2021. 

It involves uploading your products on social networks and then using those channels as a means to reach buyers as opposed to selling on a web page.  Side note; If you are outside of the country of your audience, consider using a tool to so that you can access them as intended and complete what you need to. 

Social selling is on the rise and it comes with a lot of benefits, such as: 

Compared to the old sales model, this new model of social selling offers a great opportunity for growing your business, with an impressive return on investment (ROI) of $5.

So, boost your marketing strategy by optimizing ads to convert right on your social profile

Research shows that over 90% of B2B buyers are active in social media. 

However, for your business to make the most of this channel, you need to be able to use the most relevant social media platform.  YouTube is a great place to for your business as it’s the second largest search engine, but any social network where your audience 

Remember, there are tons of social networks to choose from, but if you want to win that social selling, you need to be active on the same platform as your potential customers.

Every marketer knows that it costs less to than it does to acquire a new one. 

That’s why marketing experts recommend that you put more effort into the later phases of the customer journey so you can keep your customers for longer.

And keep in mind that happy customers not only come back, they also tell their friends. They provide referrals that are essential for increasing revenue for your business. 

Those customers are also more likely to leave positive reviews and give you honest and helpful feedback about things that will help you improve your products and services, and ultimately strengthen your brand.

6. Optimize Your Email Strategy

Email has been one of the best marketing channels for years, and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon. 

According to Hubspot’s marketing statistics, of marketers have had increased in the past 12 months. 

This is great news for anyone looking to enhance their strategy with effective digital marketing channels. 

Email has the highest ROI for small businesses, but only if using a that follows current best practices. 

For instance, email should have the following in order to be effective:

You will also get better results by segmenting your email marketing strategy to align with your customer base and using in your campaigns. 

For instance, you can use holiday season offers as incentives to new customers, such as offering a discount code to someone who left an item in their shopping cart.

If you’re having a hard time finding suitable email addresses, use one of the out there. These tools will allow you to build targeted email lists within a couple of seconds.

7. Google Listings and Local SEO

For anyone who owns a small business, one of the best things to do to enhance your digital marketing strategy is to verify your local listings and keep them current on all different search platforms. This can go a long way in helping you get local traffic to your business.

This is important because the listing on Google My Business offers valuable information pertaining to business hours (most of which are constantly fluctuating due to the current global pandemic). 

It also provides your customers with your list of services, geographical location, and much more. 

So, if your business draws customers on a local level primarily, such as a car dealership, handyman business, dentist office, etc.), then you need to be all-in on the different directories that are available to you.

Digital marketing is constantly changing and the businesses that succeed are those that find ways to adapt. 

Use the tips in this article to give your current strategy a fresh look so you don’t get left behind by the competition.