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7 Really Cool Ways to Use Video in Email Marketing [With Examples]

7 Really Cool Ways to Use Video in Email Marketing [With Examples] | Blog: Latest Video Marketing Tips & News
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If you’re looking to get the finest results from your email marketing campaigns and take things from good to the best, exploring the use of video may be the way to do just that. By merely adding videos to your email campaigns, you can see a boost in your performance metrics. Don’t believe us? Consider the statistics below:

7 Really Cool Ways to Use Video in Email Marketing

Incorporating the word “video” in your email subject lines can increase open rates by , and your email open rates can increase by  if you use videos in your emails. 

And what’s impressive is that of buyers want to see video content from brands.

All these statistics highlight the potential a video and email combination can bring to your marketing campaigns, and with our cool tips, it’s also a cinch to implement.

But before you decide to add videos to your next email campaign, it’s a good idea to look at some of the many benefits you’ll receive by incorporating videos in email marketing.

Benefits of Videos in Email Marketing 

Make videos and thumbnails for emails

Creative Ways to Make Video Email Marketing Work for You

In the world of marketing, you are constantly competing for your audience’s attention, so you must be creative in using videos in your promotional emails. Here are some interesting ways to deliver value to your customers through your videos and supercharge your email marketing.

1. Roll out a short video series to educate your customers

When , one of the main goals of marketers is to capture customer’s attention.

Short videos hold attention better than long ones. If you are selling a complicated product, let’s say, a software solution, you can use a series of short videos to educate your customers.

It will have the following advantages:

2. Use video links in your email newsletters

You can use videos to provide your community with useful updates that they can consume easily.

A great way to achieve this goal is by including a video link in your email newsletter.

Consider this example by the Town of Enfield. In their email newsletter, they have not only linked a video but also included a CTA button so the readers may know exactly where to go to watch the full video.

3. Take your audience behind-the-scenes of your business

This video email strategy is one of the best ways to gain your audience’s trust and help them feel connected to your brand.

Some good ways to use this strategy have been listed below:

4. Use your videos to preview a new release

If you have an upcoming event, release, or a new product launch, you can use preview in your emails to spark public interest and generate excitement.

For example, if you are a product manufacturer, you can take a quick video of a new shipment arriving.

If you are a moviemaker, then you can showcase your movie preview to get your fans excited. This email from The New York Times gets fans excited for their new TV series.

“7 Really Cool Ways to Use Video in Email Marketing”

5. Show your human side with personal stories

Stories cultivate a sense of connection and bring out human emotions. Using your email platform to share your video stories, you can show your human side to your audience and even inspire them. 

For example, you can share what problems of other business owners prompted you to start your B2B services company? What hardships did you face? What was your initial journey like?

The ideas for this type of video email marketing are many; just be real and authentic, and your audience will like you.

Don’t stop yourself if you don’t have great video production or editing skills. Using , you can have all elements of a top-notch video, including – countdown timer, intro & outro, CTA, and so much more.

6. Upgrade your email with animated GIFs

A GIF or Graphics Interchange Format will show the playful side of your brand and make the whole experience of reading your emails enjoyable and exciting for your email recipients. 

There are several  in your emails.

For example, you can use GIF along with an enticing CTA to send people to your landing page, or you can use GIFs to tell your brand’s story in an interesting manner. 

Irrespective of the purpose you use them for, they should showcase all the important information. As you have just a few seconds to capture audience interest and share your information, make sure to use the opportunity wisely and share the important information right in the first frame.

Here’s one amazing example of how you can use a GIF to share your products information in a cool way.

Another way of spicing up your email marketing is by using cinematographs. Cinematographs are just like GIFs. They consist of still images, but some elements keep moving, usually in the image’s background. They look like a looping video.

7. Making professional-looking videos is easy

While everyone can benefit from video email marketing, it helps to have professionally shot videos and test them before sending them out to your audience.

But what if you have no time, money, or resources to shoot professional videos? A great option is to use video templates and stock videos.

At, you can find 200M  and professionally designed free video templates on just about any topic. 

With their extensive collection of easy-to-edit and free video templates, you don’t need additional resources or time to create your videos. Simply select a template of your choice and customize it to suit your marketing message. Once you have customized the video, you can download it and embed it in your emails to magnify your email marketing results.

Plus, you can export any scene of your video as a GIF or a still. image to integrate it into your email.

Wrap Up

When it comes to incorporating videos in email marketing, the scope is limitless. The only limit you have is your imagination.

From incorporating useful product tutorials to making your clients smile with the help of funny gifs, video email marketing is a great addition to your email marketing campaigns and definitely works very well in boosting your customer engagement and email metrics.

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