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4 Practical Tips to Enhance Email Development

4 Practical Tips to Enhance Your Email Development

4 Practical Tips to Enhance  Email Development With 23.8% of marketers spending at least a week producing a single promotional email, it is quite clear how developing an email marketing strategy is a critical and crucial task. Therefore, it becomes imperative to have an email development process that’s not only well planned and efficient but also runs smoothly and fulfills your business’ long-term goals.

Here’s how you can improve your overall email development process and ace your email marketing strategy.

4 Practical Tips to Enhance Email Development

4 Practical Tips to Enhance Email Development

1. Always plan ahead

Planning is the key to success for any email campaign. Remember, it’s good to stay a step forward. So, if you wish to streamline your email development process, get going with a detailed plan where you can think, share, and discuss your thoughts with your team and ultimately come up with new ideas that can boost your email campaign. Once you have created a concrete plan, you’ll want to create a calendar to show how to execute that plan. From the number of emails to be sent to the consistency of the email flow, a calendar will help you stay on top of the tasks at hand.

2. Start with a project brief

A project brief helps you maintain a record of everything that you need to do in your email marketing strategy. From the work you do on your strategy and assets of the email to its goals and campaign results, a project brief is all you need to keep track of all your email marketing stuff. You can either choose from the project brief templates available online or create your own. However, if you are designing with your template, make sure you include the specific criteria listed below:

4 Practical Tips to Enhance Email Development

  • Email sending dates and deadlines
  • Goals to be achieved and its success measurement
  • Your target audience
  • Assets such as email form, landing page, template, and segmentation name, etc.
  • Groups within your team who are creating the email campaign
  • Envelope fields with names of the form along with email addresses, preview text, and subject line
  • A copy of your email links to be included and a call to action

3. Go for a formal intake process

A formal intake process is an excellent way of synchronizing and managing the whole email development process. This will help you define and give precise roles and responsibilities within your team. Be it the developer, stakeholders, freelancers, or designers, everyone would exactly know what, when and how they need to do their work. This, in turn, would make the overall email creation process seamless and ultimately result in a top-notch email campaign.

4 Practical Tips to Enhance  Email Development

Here’s how you can set up a formal intake process:

  • Inform your team beforehand about your project so that they can give you their feedback.
  • Communicate with your team and understand what they are looking forward to in the email campaign. From designers who need to develop the email template to developers who need to code, thorough communication with them can help you create a project brief that is accurate and useful.
  • Also, it is essential to update your developers and designers about your brand guidelines. It would help you maintain the look and feel of your email consistent with your website and other digital channels.
  • It is a good idea to have a style guide to help the copywriters maintain a consistent tone and brand personality.

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4. Continual evaluation

Your email development process is incomplete unless you evaluate its performance. Prior to launching your next email campaign, establish success metrics and KPIs to determine what success looks like for you. Your success metrics may be early-stage metrics like click-through rate or unsubscribe rate, or you may have marketing automation that allows you to track first- and multi-touch attribution and revenue metrics. Whatever you are evaluating, establish a culture of evaluation to allow for experimentation in your email marketing strategy.

Top Tips for Creating a Budget for Email Marketing Campaign

4 Practical Tips to Enhance Your Email Development

Email, although a conventional mode of marketing and communication, has weathered the storms of Twitter, Facebook, Slack, Mobile, and even RSS. What has helped email become a valuable medium over time is its periodic evolution. From plain-text messages to highly targeted and automated emails, they have now mastered features like HTML and CSS coded design, interactivity, videos, and even live feeds. No wonder, the number of global e-mail users is set to grow to 4.4 billion in 2023. Moreover, according to Adestra, 68% of teens and 73% of millennials consider email as the preferred communication medium.

4 Practical Tips to Enhance  Email Development

From the marketer’s point of view, the meat lies in the fact that the email marketing return on investment is stellar; it boasts of returning $38 for every dollar invested, according to Litmus research. On average, a mid-sized business would spend $9 to $1000 monthly on their email marketing needs if they self-manage their campaigns or $300-$500 monthly if they choose an agency.

That said, how much should one invest in email marketing? What are the factors that determine the amount you will be spending on email marketing? Let’s nail them down:

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How accurate is your email list?

Your list must be organically grown and comprised of subscribers who have opted-in for your emails. Inactive subscribers on your list can ebb the results of your email campaigns. One needs to make sure to clean it up at regular intervals in order to get the best ROI from your email campaigns. There are tools available that can be used to identify invalid email addresses and inactive subscribers. You should consider investing in such tools.

How far would you go with your email design?

4 Practical Tips to Enhance Email Development

While choosing a template, one must first define the goal of the email. Will a reusable, pre-existing email template do the job, or should you rather invest in a custom, one-off design? Intricately designed emails or those that feature interactivity require you to shell out more money. Also, you need to ensure the template is responsive and renders across all devices. Most agencies charge either a flat or hourly rate to design custom email templates, also helping you integrate the designs in your email service provider.

Are you investing in campaign performance reporting and analytics?

4 Practical Tips to Enhance  Email Development

Analyzing the results of your email campaigns is a must, as it helps you know how well or how not-so-well your campaigns are performing. The volume of email, open rates, click-through rate, conversion rate need to be tested along with A/B testing of subject lines, pre-header, email design elements, copy, and calls to action with tools that can go a long way in helping you maximize your results by giving you information on the performance of your emails and helping you adjust it accordingly.

How would you choose the best email service, the provider?

4 Practical Tips to Enhance  Email Development

An email service provider (ESP) helps you send emails that are targeted to your customer niche, ensures delivery, and provides actionable results. Most deliverability problems are associated with email lists, but the right ESP can help you solve many of these problems by providing you with a well-monitored IP address list. The email platform you choose plays a major role in determining the amount of money you spend on email marketing. You’ll need to focus on your requirements and research the available options to make the best choice. It is recommended that you choose an ESP that allows you to execute an email sunsetting strategy and removes the subscribers that have been dormant over a long period of time.

4 Practical Tips to Enhance  Email Development

Why an email marketing manager or agency is vital?

4 Practical Tips to Enhance Email Development

Managing an email campaign can be a daunting task. Email marketing agencies assure expert handling of your email marketing program. An in-house manager can also handle your email marketing. You need to check out the cost factors for both before choosing one. Keeping a budget for the professional handling of email marketing can go a long way for your business. Most agencies charge a monthly fee for their services with a specific volume of emails to be sent every month.

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