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10 Best Digital Marketing Blogs to Follow [2021]

The 10 Best Digital Marketing Blogs to Follow [2021] - PromoRepublic

Digital marketing has been gaining popularity over the past two decades and has become firmly rooted in the business lexicon. It is difficult to find a company that chooses not to go in this direction because it would be challenging for them to survive. If you are new to digital marketing or an experienced marketing Jedi, you know how important it is to keep your hand on the pulse, follow trends, and stay in the stream. The best practice, in this case, is to follow top-tier experts and brands who can share tested working tips and techniques. The phrase “standing on the shoulders of giants” appears not for nothing. In this article, we’ve gathered top digital marketing blogs worth following. Check it out. 

This is the incredible creation of Rand Fishkin. He is a leading expert in SEO, entrepreneur, renowned advisor, evangelist, content writer, product designer, and former CEO at Moz. The blog is packed with numerous brilliant articles about SEO, Link Building, Content and Email Marketing, Analytics, Blogging, Branding, and Design – all you need to know from beginner to advanced level. 

The Content Strategist is the blog for Contently, a content company founded in 2011 to build a better media world through content marketing. Here, you can find the medley of art, science, tech, and strategy to create perfect and engaging content. Everything you need to know about content creation, its importance, and culture, all in one place.

This blog is ideal for small business owners. There is a lot of valuable information on how to improve your digital marketing game without significant investments. Their blog covers all the instructions about SEO tools, management, and earning referrals that can be applied to both small businesses and more developed companies.

“A bible of Content Marketing”, as Venturebeat called it. The blog offers you insightful articles about content that attracts and holds attention, email and internet marketing, SEO, blogging, landing pages, CRO, and product creation. This widely popular marketing blog was founded in 2006, and they are ‘in the know.’ Count on them to learn about the subtleties of perfect copywriting and how to improve your business. 

Jay Baer, the blog founder, is also an author of five New York Times bestselling books about digital marketing, and he is the most retweeted person in the world. So, if we talk about digital marketing rockstars, we can easily rely on his experience. The blog offers various articles about content marketing, digital marketing, social media, and customer experience. You can easily create effective strategies for customer acquisition and retention with the power of Jay Baer’s 26 years of experience. 

This is our list of the top digital marketing blogs and experts. There is a slew of other blogs out there but for now, we are just showcasing those that we know and trust. We hope this list will get you inspired to dive into the endless benefits of digital marketing, as well as gain new insight on how to improve your business.